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Don't Taxpaying Citizens Deserve a Piece of the Pie?

Basic Water Rights in Skagit Watershed

Just Water Alliance is a non-partisan group of citizens, farmers and landowners that demand an open, fair and transparent water planning process in the Skagit River watershed.

The Washington Department of Ecology has regulated, without proven biological need or scientific support, that there is no more water for rural citizens in the third largest watershed on the West Coast. All 5,700 rural landowners and farmers, and 500 homeowners reliant on previously exempt wells have been told they no longer have a legal source of water. This situation is nationally unprecedented, unnecessary and completely unsupported.

The Skagit River is a public trust, and should not be controlled by a few local officials with a financial conflict of interest. Farming and rural self-sufficiency are integral to our community's future, and legitimate water resource planning means Skagit farmers and rural landowners must be part of the process.

Our watershed, and even more so our state, is under attack by a narrative that fish are more important than people. It is that simple. While we support the need to safeguard our resources, this regulation and the driving force behind it are ruining thousands of lives without ANY PROVEN NEED. This state regulation has tremendous implications for all current and future generations in Skagit County.

Please view this video clip of Skagit County Commissioner's explaining Swinomish Tribal Chairman Cladoosby's intent in the Skagit Watershed:

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